Milly the Tzu

Milly was originally rescued by A Purposeful Rescue, a rescue based in Los Angeles. They have a special weakness for the underdog and for seniors. Milly was both! 

A senior Shih Tzu with poor hearing and bad teeth who needed to have both eyes removed due to unknown trauma and be spayed wasn't an "easy sell" to most. But Hillary knew that our founder Katie and Milly were meant to be. Even if there was a three month old baby in the house. It would all somehow make sense. Beauty in the chaos. And it did make sense, after less than a few days of "fostering" Milly a call was made with a plea to let her stay. Her confidence grew and she navigated the world and the last few years of her life with ease and surrounded by love. She will forever be missed.



Maggie Moo

Maggie Moo was pulled from the shelter as a hospice case and spent only six months in our care. Our only hope was that she felt loved and part of a family when it was her time to go...she sunbathed and went to work everyday with our founder until it was time of her little body to rest. We will always remember you, sassy little Maggie.


Lucky Joe

Lucky Joe was a domestic rabbit that was found loose on a local neighborhood street by our founder in December 2016. After catching him and bringing him in for treatment, it wasn't clear if he  would make it through the night. With  many open wounds and a large portion of his ear ripped and infected we were hopeful but worried. He showed us his fighting spirit and earned his name, Lucky Joe. After efforts to find his family were met with disappointment (we were told he was released on purpose) he became a permanent resident at the farm and was moved in with the chickens. His favourite hen was Betty Egg Whites and they could be found snuggling and sunbathing together on most days. Joe passed in our founders arms in January 2016.