I mean?!!! The sweetest little babe ever and her very amazing mama. Meet Alice and her mama June. These two were the ones I worried most about. They were both very skinny and weak when they arrived. And though they still have a ways to go, they’re doing so well and loving the new life. June is a very protective mom and was the most aggressive of the group when we were at their previous property. She was not keen on being handled or letting anyone near her baby. For very good reason! But in just a few days she has come full circle, we can touch her and scratch her body, pick up her baby, and enter their space without her going into a panic. It’s amazing to see the transformation, what kindness can do is pretty incredible. Welcome home girls! #goat #kid #babygoat #lamancha #nubian#rescue


And my heart is so full! What an amazing afternoon. Took Vincent to a new home and introduced him to his new family. So many friends, ducks and geese and turkeys. Plus a very big boy pool and so much space to be happy. So far the existing geese are being very sweet and welcoming. We’re on standby if anything goes south but so far we’re beyond happy. Thank you so much to our friends who have opened up their space in their home for him to thrive. Amazing day!

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Saturday rescue mission! We were contacted by a lovely family who had a lone single goose left from their previous flock. This big guy was lonely and needed to find a new forever space to offer his security services to. Were so happy to step in and help. He’s huge and extremely cuddly. On our way to an amazing private property with in-ground pools, streams and fully enclosed aviaries for this guy. Plus lots of new friends. We have named him Vincent, or Vinnie for short ❤️

We are over the moon!!! Please meet 🌙Luna🌙When we originally went to inquire about the baby goats and sheep for sale and argued to take their mothers with us this lone girl was in the herd with them. But she had already been purchased and our hearts sank. We apologized to her, gathered our 4 and took off for Ojai. A few days later I decided to reach back out to the owner and ask one more time, just in case she was still alive. He let me know that the other party decided they didn’t want her because she is pregnant so they asked for their money back. And we immediately went into action, we weren’t going to lose her again! A quick call to a friend for transport and @melso7o was on her way to pick her up. She arrived yesterday, stressed and heavily pregnant, and immediately cried out for her “sisters” once she arrived. It was heartbreaking and amazing all wrapped into one. They were reunited and knew it! We are giving the sheep their space, they’re very nervous and need a lot of time to decompress, take care of their existing baby, and be ready and as healthy as possible to give birth to the last member(s) of the group. All three moms will raise their babies here, all three will never lose them again. 
For Luna, we wait. We are keeping a close watch on her for any signs of labor and feeding her the very best. She has a heated stall and lots of extra soft cushion for comfort. Thank you for your support. This is what it’s all about!!! #sheep #lamb#goat #kid #blackbellysheep #lamancha


Day 3 with this mama and her babe. Introducing Matilda and her sweet baby Sophie Maaa’rceau. Both are doing well, very nervous around us so we are taking it slow and just making sure they feel safe. They have heated houses for these cold nights, fresh food to help mama take the best care of her little girl and will never be separated again. Welcome to your new life girls!!! #sheep#lamb #rescue

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Happiest New Year to you all. Wishing that all the moves and steps, stumbles, leaps, and bounds of 2018 bring you everything you were hoping for in 2019. Thank you for your support, we hope that 2019 is a year we can grow into a new space, we can open to the public for visitors and volunteers (swoon) and we can make an even bigger impact to the lives of each and every animal that comes to live with us @thelittlefarminojai. Here we go! *theres a heart on her head! #rescue #goat #kid#lamancha #nubian

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Got them! All four are back in Ojai. Both mother goat and mother sheep are about 1.5 years old and babies (both girls) are 1 week and 3 weeks. We’ve placed them in a safe space for the night. Lots of good food for moms and our vet is coming out to treat the babies for some obvious health issues and do wellness exams for everyone. Hopeful there are no underlying hidden issues. All will need to have blood drawn and be sent off for tests to make sure we’re ok, and eventually they’ll all need to be fixed.
I don’t typically look on local posts with “livestock sales”. I just can’t. And our area has plenty of auctions, small farms, and backyard butcher operations that it feels overwhelming. This ad though was sent to my attention by one of our supporters begging me to look into it. It was advertising the babies for sale, AT ONE WEEK OLD! I couldn’t look away. So I called. I gently asked questions and drove up this morning. Our baby goat was a set of twins. The other sibling was already sold. Our sheep had a single baby..I stayed holding both babies refusing to leave without the moms. I begged, I argued that I didn’t know what I was doing and needed them to feed the babies, and eventually he caved. He said that the sheep never gives him multiples so she wasn’t too big of a loss. The goat was tougher to negotiate but he eventually let me have her too. I loaded and drove off as fast as I could. They’re safe. The two mothers will never lose their babies again...they will all grow up together and eventually join the rest of our sheep and goats...today we made a difference in the lives of four. I’m so so sorry for all the other animals I left behind there. 
I will update more this evening and have been working on their names. But for now. They’re safe. They’re resting and nurturing their babies. Their home. Thank you for all your support. We can not do any of this without you. If you would like to help support these four specifically or join us as a member of our Patreon please click the link in our bio or email katie@thelittlefarminojai.com

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We are currently working on a rescue of two babies, a goat and a lamb. Trying hard to negotiate for the lives of their mothers too. Please please send us all the positive energy. Updates to come!!!!

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This guy❤️
After a rough start in life, it’s been amazing to see him grow into a very healthy and happy pig in the few short weeks we’ve been together. He gets better and better everyday! And he’s just so smart. We have been able to take excellent care of Wilbur, from his care,feed, and medical needs because of your generous donations. Our emergency fund for cases like his and our general fund to help pay for the costs of daily living for all the animals under our care is solely from private donations. We can’t do any of this without you and we’re so very thankful for your support to help us save these incredible creatures. This holiday season, please consider making a tax deductible donation to @thelittlefarminojai. We have different ways you can help by making a one time donation or signing up for Patreon and becoming a recurring monthly member of our team. We’re so hopeful that next year we will be able to expand into a larger property, bringing all the animals “under one roof” and helping more to live out their best lives with us. And can’t wait to be open to the public for visits and volunteers. 
Thank you thank you and happiest holidays from all of us! #adopt #rescue#chicken #duck #pig #kunekune#minihorse #goat #lamancha #sheep #ram#blackbelly #hog #horse


Such an awesome awesome surprise from Alexis and her amazing kids and friends who stopped by to offer some love to our animals. Lots of cuddles and fresh veggies. AND this incredible handmade ornament. I about died. Thank you thank you!!! Happy holidays everyone. @sunovenglutenfree ❤️

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