We are over the moon!!! Please meet 🌙Luna🌙When we originally went to inquire about the baby goats and sheep for sale and argued to take their mothers with us this lone girl was in the herd with them. But she had already been purchased and our hearts sank. We apologized to her, gathered our 4 and took off for Ojai. A few days later I decided to reach back out to the owner and ask one more time, just in case she was still alive. He let me know that the other party decided they didn’t want her because she is pregnant so they asked for their money back. And we immediately went into action, we weren’t going to lose her again! A quick call to a friend for transport and @melso7o was on her way to pick her up. She arrived yesterday, stressed and heavily pregnant, and immediately cried out for her “sisters” once she arrived. It was heartbreaking and amazing all wrapped into one. They were reunited and knew it! We are giving the sheep their space, they’re very nervous and need a lot of time to decompress, take care of their existing baby, and be ready and as healthy as possible to give birth to the last member(s) of the group. All three moms will raise their babies here, all three will never lose them again. 
For Luna, we wait. We are keeping a close watch on her for any signs of labor and feeding her the very best. She has a heated stall and lots of extra soft cushion for comfort. Thank you for your support. This is what it’s all about!!! #sheep #lamb#goat #kid #blackbellysheep #lamancha