Got them! All four are back in Ojai. Both mother goat and mother sheep are about 1.5 years old and babies (both girls) are 1 week and 3 weeks. We’ve placed them in a safe space for the night. Lots of good food for moms and our vet is coming out to treat the babies for some obvious health issues and do wellness exams for everyone. Hopeful there are no underlying hidden issues. All will need to have blood drawn and be sent off for tests to make sure we’re ok, and eventually they’ll all need to be fixed.
I don’t typically look on local posts with “livestock sales”. I just can’t. And our area has plenty of auctions, small farms, and backyard butcher operations that it feels overwhelming. This ad though was sent to my attention by one of our supporters begging me to look into it. It was advertising the babies for sale, AT ONE WEEK OLD! I couldn’t look away. So I called. I gently asked questions and drove up this morning. Our baby goat was a set of twins. The other sibling was already sold. Our sheep had a single baby..I stayed holding both babies refusing to leave without the moms. I begged, I argued that I didn’t know what I was doing and needed them to feed the babies, and eventually he caved. He said that the sheep never gives him multiples so she wasn’t too big of a loss. The goat was tougher to negotiate but he eventually let me have her too. I loaded and drove off as fast as I could. They’re safe. The two mothers will never lose their babies again...they will all grow up together and eventually join the rest of our sheep and we made a difference in the lives of four. I’m so so sorry for all the other animals I left behind there. 
I will update more this evening and have been working on their names. But for now. They’re safe. They’re resting and nurturing their babies. Their home. Thank you for all your support. We can not do any of this without you. If you would like to help support these four specifically or join us as a member of our Patreon please click the link in our bio or email

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