Hopper is a few weeks post-op and recovering well. Unfortunately the damage done was too extensive to save his leg and it had to be fully amputated. Making him not a candidate for a prosthetic. But we are looking into a cart option. 
We are carefully monitoring if he can adjust to life on one leg and use his body and wings to keep him balanced and mobile. He gets pool time with Rice, and lots of time in the “enrichment boat” where we hide snacks, fruit and veggies, and worms to keep our chickens and ducks engaged and not bored. We’re committed to giving him the best quality of life and are so grateful for all the amazing support to pay for his surgery and medical care! Thank you! #duck#duckling #rescue

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We try to include our children whenever we can in our rescues and adventures. Making sure they gently know and can be a part of the “whole picture”. The two kittens we found are already being loved and cared for by the humane society in hopes of finding their forever homes.

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Today’s throwback Thursday goes to Ruby, what a transformation! She’s almost a year old and such a shining light on the farm. Loves a good cuddle and belly rub, obsessed with her oranges, and forever in love with her best friend Sam Shepard. We love you Ruby!

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What a hunk! I just can not get over how wonderful Jack is and want so badly for him to finally meet his forever people. He is a sweet and gentle big guy who is potty trained and is always happy when I visit him at the Humane Society in Ojai. He is listed as a #greatpyranees, 4 year old mix and I think there is some sort of awesome bearded wonder mix with wirey wolf hound like hair in there too. Basically he is dreamy. Let’s spread the word and get this guy into a home that he deserves.

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Dropped off these two sweet babies @hsvc_ojai this morning. They will be spayed/neutered and caught up with all their vaccinations before they will be available for adoption. A little boy and little girl looking for a forever home soon. Please consider adopting or making a donation to the shelter to support their never ending efforts.

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Please meet Jack and Jill! These sweet siblings are being cared for by our good friend while we help network for an amazing home for them, together. They are approximately 3 months old and will both be fixed and vaccinated. Jill is a little more social than her brother but both are sweet and surely will be very loving pigs. #potbellypig #potbelly #piglet #pig

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Hopper still needs our help to pay for his life changing surgery to remove his deformed leg. Please consider visiting his gofundme me page (link in our bio) and making a small donation. Or repost and and help us spread the word. We are so grateful for your support as we can not do what we do without you.

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Oh Ruby, it may be time for a new pool sister. 
Seems like our kiddie pools last just one summer with our big girls going in and out on hot days. But they do love them so much! #kunekune #rubyjune #pig #piglet

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