We would like to introduce you to this little man! We have been fostering him, working with the @hsvc_ojai. He has completed his stray hold (we submitted a found report) and is now officially on the market for his forever people. He is approximately 10 years old, neutered, de-wormed, and will be up to date on all his shots. He is a very cuddly and sweet little dude who likes other dogs and is excellent with children of all ages. He hasn’t met a cat yet so we’re not sure there. He uses a doggy door, is excellent on lead, loves to sleep in bed and uses stairs to get in and out if it’s too tall (they will come with him if requested). We would love to see him in a wonderful home where he can love and be loved everyday. He’d be an awesome shop dog or office dog, patiently hanging while you work. Please contact us if you’re interested in meeting him. All potential families will have to have a home and fence check...#shihtzu#shihtzusofinstagram

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Hopper is a few weeks post-op and recovering well. Unfortunately the damage done was too extensive to save his leg and it had to be fully amputated. Making him not a candidate for a prosthetic. But we are looking into a cart option. 
We are carefully monitoring if he can adjust to life on one leg and use his body and wings to keep him balanced and mobile. He gets pool time with Rice, and lots of time in the “enrichment boat” where we hide snacks, fruit and veggies, and worms to keep our chickens and ducks engaged and not bored. We’re committed to giving him the best quality of life and are so grateful for all the amazing support to pay for his surgery and medical care! Thank you! #duck#duckling #rescue

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We try to include our children whenever we can in our rescues and adventures. Making sure they gently know and can be a part of the “whole picture”. The two kittens we found are already being loved and cared for by the humane society in hopes of finding their forever homes.

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